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Global Investor Organization (GIO) provides a range of specialized services designed to connect and support the global investment community by:


ii)  TALK





i) Top Investors ‘MEETUP’:

Exclusive networking events ( Please refer our Investors MEETUP )


ii) VIP ‘TALK’:  

Each MEMBER will feature a ‘TALK' presented by the Founder of ‘Global Investor Organization’ who is also the ‘Advisory Board Member of Mobius’s Emerging Markets Ltd and the Founder of WILL-Foundation.


iii) Fin ‘REPORT’:

VIPs will receive our Fin related ‘REPORT’ on different topics:

  • Book: ‘Top 100 Financial Employers Guidebook’ in Hong Kong (exclusive)

  • Investors List: ‘780 Global Qualified Foreign Institution Investors (exclusive)

  • ‘Top 50 Financial Institution Recruiting under Pandemic’ (free to VIPs)

  • ‘Top 30 Fintech Co job opportunity’ (free to VIPs)

  • ‘Top 30 EdTech Co job opportunity’ (free to VIPs)

  • ‘Top 30 BioTech Co job opportunity’ (free to VIPs)

  • ‘Top 20 Financial Co in UK’ (link with our UK partners)


iv) Fin ‘PROGRAM’:

VIPs will be offered different program periodically organized by GIO

  • Mentorship Program / Career Talk

  • Business Matching

  • Overseas Investors Trip:

  • China Investors Trip:


v) Fin ‘CO VISIT’:

Organized visits to top companies for insights, Our previous visits:

  • Tim Draper Office in Silicon Valley

  • Plug & Play office in Silicon Valley

  • Hong Kong Stock Exchange & Monetary Authority

  • Family Offices

  • Investment Banks, Bloomberg, Private Banking, Asset Management Cos, Private Equity Firms

  • Listed Companies

Private MEETUP (1)

Exclusively offer & our internal selection to our VIPs of Global Investor Organization only:

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